Art in Grade 1


Mrs. Smith’s Grade 1 Art

 Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving

Snowmen Bulletin Art


 Eric Carle – Winter Olympics 

photo (4)  Eric Carle

Students created Winter Olympics artwork inspired by Eric Carle using tempra paint and tissue paper. Students first painted tissue paper with tempra paint using different techniques and textures. After choosing an Olympic sport outline students cut out and pasted their painted tissue paper to create the icon from Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Once completed students used blue water colours to paint their backgrounds. 

Bear Hills – Water Colour/Oil Pastel


Mother’s Day Portraits

Mother's Day Portraits

Students created this piece by first drawing a picture of their mother, aunt, or grandmother from memory. Students were then given black pens to trace over their pencil lines. Once completed they erased the pencil marks and coloured in their portraits of their loved one using pencil crayon. The background was then created using watercolour paints. To embellish their work students created clay bead necklaces, which were then hot glued to their portraits. The frame was made using popsicle sticks and acrylic paints, ensuring the frame was hot glued to the front and back for stability.


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