About Me



I grew up in Red Deer, AB with my parents as well as my four sisters and brother. Growing up I enjoyed sports, playing soccer, baseball, badminton, basketball and volleyball. I was very thankful to also have the opportunity to be in dance and English horseback riding lessons. Growing up my aunt taught in early years and middle years classrooms, and as well one of my older siblings became an educator while I was still in high school; however it was not until I was an ambassador on an exchange trip to Spain that I recognized how influential one can be in a students life, and how truly amazing teaching is. One of my teachers in Spain made that difference in my life, and since then I have strived to do the same for others. 

XCountry Skiing     chris and sam      color me rad

In my downtime I appreciate reading, painting, ceramics, and photography. My husband and myself relish in the great outdoors, hiking, cross-country skiing, and camping. I believe health and fitness to be extremely important; running, yoga, and weight training have helped me in keeping an active lifestyle. 


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